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NJC Business Faculty

Northeastern Junior College seeks a Business Instructor whose teaching responsibilities will include a wide range of Business courses, including but not limited to Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurial Operations, Computer Applications, Organizational Behavior, and Principles of Management. Some courses may be delivered in the evenings, in accelerated formats, and via distance learning as online or hybrid courses, which may include concurrent (dual credit) education to area high schools. Duties also include those responsibilities generally expected of full-time faculty, including curriculum development, advising business students, participating on committees, directing the student Business Club and working cooperatively with other departments on campus.

Job Purpose
Northeastern Junior College faculty are expected to support the mission, vision, philosophy, and goals of the college. Faculty members are expected to create a positive and active learning environment in their classroom and laboratory. They should have high expectations of their students and themselves. Faculty members must realize that they contribute directly to student success and retention based on their abilities in the classroom. They must treat all students fairly and with respect. Faculty members must understand that students have different learning styles and must strive to provide variation in their teaching methods so that all students have the opportunity to learn and succeed. They must cooperate with other faculty, staff, and the community to make it possible for NJC to achieve its stated vision and philosophy.

Questions regarding the position may be directed to Amanda Kerker at 970-521-6744 or Amanda.kerker@njc.edu. Apply online at http://www.njc.edu, click "About NJC" from the drop-down menu in the top left of the screen, then click "Human Resources." See the Application section below; be sure to include all required application materials. For information about NJC, see the college website at http://www.njc.edu.

1. Provide effective classroom instruction as measured by student success and persistence rates. Instructors must demonstrate an ability to inspire students to learn.
2. Accept responsibility for learning about, contributing to, and supporting the assessment of student academic achievement at the college, program, and course level.
3. Be acquainted with and observe practices and procedures set out in NP 3-31: Evaluation of Faculty Job Performance
4. Facilitate regular communications by reading all e-mail messages and responding in a timely fashion.
5. File copies of course syllabi for all classes with their Department Chair and Administrative Assistant within the first two weeks of the start of the course.
6. Maintain effective security measures with regard to examinations and testing materials.
7. Utilize the college’s Learning Management System (D2L/Daylight) for all courses and maintain student grades in the D2L gradebook. Grades must be posted to D2L in a timely manner in order to keep students informed of their progress and grade status throughout the course. Instructors must record student information and grades in a confidential way so as to protect the student’s identity.
8. Report no-show attendance, mid-term grades, and final grades according to announced deadlines.
9. Follow the published final exam schedule. The appropriate Department Chair must approve any variation.
10. Become acquainted with library materials and audio-visual aids that are available to improve teaching.
11. Document the last date of attendance and/or last date of class activity for all students.
12. Be familiar with emergency response plans and procedures.
13. Faculty members serve as academic advisors and are expected to be familiar with the NJC academic advising philosophy, program and graduation requirements, college services, processes, and procedures, placement scores, transferability of courses, career opportunities, etc. More specific information is available from their Department Chair or the Counseling and Advising Office.
14. Colorado state employees are expected to work 40 hours per week. For NJC faculty this includes time on campus for classes taught, committee responsibilities, department responsibilities (advising department meeting, etc.) and 6 in-person office hours per week. The workweek may include evening or weekend classes and days/times on campus may be adjusted accordingly. Employees will maintain an Outlook calendar, coordinated with their supervisor, with workweek plans and employees may participate in approved flex and remote work.
15. Working on campus, ensure familiarity with emergency response plans and procedures.

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Job Location
100 College Ave, Sterling, CO, 80751
Job Type
Employment Type
$43000-$49000 Per year
Date posted
May 20, 2024
Valid through
June 20, 2024
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Position: NJC Business Faculty

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