Position title
Campus Safety & Security Officer - System Office

The standard work schedule for this position will be Saturday through Tuesday 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. but may alternate between shifts and holidays as needed.

Duties: Your application must provide a detailed description of your relevant work experience in relation to the following duties: This full-time position is located in the Security Department at Colorado Community College System - Lowry Campus. Position will work with a broad range of people campus wide to ensure situations are appropriately addressed and expectations for safety are achieved.

Patrolling and Call Responses
Provide customer service by enthusiastically providing information and services.

Investigations and Reporting
Provide initial response to emergencies and incidents on campus and complete initial investigations to determine disposition. Conduct investigations of security matters on campus. Write complete, accurate and timely reports to record campus incidents and document investigations and maintains logs relating to activity on campus. This requires strong oral and written communication skills to include basic computer and typing proficiency. Originate and file written reports utilizing computer aided reporting systems, regarding activities and incidents occurring on College properties and information received from other sources pertaining to security or incidents on properties or within the community. Properly report and track incidents on campus for the supervisor to include in the federally mandated Clery reports. Work with law enforcement to preserve evidence in incidents that may be criminal in nature.

Control the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on campus property. Enforce all College rules and regulations on College properties owned or leased as specified in Standard Operating Procedures. Challenge trespassers, loiterers, errant vehicle operators and all others who create a safety and security risk to students and staff and threaten the overall security and integrity of the physical assets and property of the College including violations of the student code of conduct. Temporarily detain and restrain individuals when there is an incident that may be criminal in nature and present an immediate threat to the safety or security of students or staff by means of baton techniques, locks, grips or holds, or restraining devices until law enforcement arrives. Respond to and assist in resolving conflicts and confrontations on campus. Assist with crowd control as needed. Issue campus parking tickets. Direct persons creating a disruption, safety or security risk, or those in unauthorized areas to leave campus, escort them off premises, or call law enforcement. Issue trespass notifications to those found in restricted areas as well as those who present a significant safety and security risk to the college.

Emergency Responses
Assist in evacuating faculty, staff, and students during emergencies. Must respond to emergencies and provide first aid/CPR/AED as needed. Serve as initial responder when dealing with emergency situations such as tornados, floods, bomb threats, lock downs, etc., following proper procedures for lock down, lock out, evacuate, and shelter. Issue Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications during emergencies as appropriate. Respond and manage all types of emergencies until the arrival of outside agencies. Maintain required certifications in emergency response areas as required by the College and federal or state law or regulation.

Equipment Maintenance and Use
Exercise proper care and maintenance of all College owned or leased equipment including vehicles assigned to or utilized for duty. Maintain a high level of proficiency in the proper use of authorized protection tools (batons, hand cuffs, pepper spray, radio, etc.)  Maintain in-depth knowledge and high level proficiency with campus safety and security systems. Must successfully complete and maintain certification and required recertification in all applicable areas as determined by the College and state law.

Campus Security Authority
Campus Security Authorities are obligated by law to report crimes that pose an ongoing threat to the community immediately to the Police Department.

Minimum Qualifications:
Two years of work experience in security, campus safety or law enforcement as the primary function of the job. Application must clearly detail the extent of these qualifications. (Part-time experience will be pro-rated).

Two Years of college, university or non-correspondence business school course work from an accredited institution in Law Enforcement or similar field may substitute for the experience on a year-to-year basis. A copy of your transcript verifying the required credits must be received by application deadline in order to be considered. Late submissions will not be accepted.

To view the full job announcement and to apply, visit https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/colorado/jobs/4108838/campus-safety-security-officer-technician-ii-at-cccs.

Job Location
700 Boston Street, Denver, Colorado, 80230, USA
Job Type
Employment Type
$3484-$4530 Per month
Date posted
July 6, 2023
Valid through
July 20, 2023
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Position: Campus Safety & Security Officer - System Office

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