Position title
Vice President of Instruction



Full-Time (Exempt Administrative Appointment, 260 days), 1.0FTE
On campus position located in Fort Morgan, CO
PURPOSE/SUMMARY OF JOB: This position reports directly to the College President and is a member of the President’s Leadership Team, serving from the MCC Fort Morgan campus. As a member of the team, the Vice President participates in institutional governance, development of budgetary resources that support staffing and operational expenses and participates in policy/procedural decision-making. The Vice President is responsible for providing leadership, oversight, and management of instructional services both on and off campus. The Vice President will work with the Leadership Team in the implementation of existing and planned programs and services in accordance with the mission and strategic vision of MCC, as well as the development of new programs.
CANDIDATE PROFILE: Guiding Principles: Models and engages others to adhere to the MCC Guiding Principles, which include integrity, respect, open and honest communication, and collaboration. Uses the Guiding Principles to encourage effective and efficient conflict resolution and to promote teamwork and trust.
Personal and Professional Skills: Demonstrates patience and understanding when faced with challenging situations. Is self-sufficient and a self-starter and helps to develop similar attributes in others. Maintains expertise in one or more functional areas within the division and displays a willingness to learn outside of personal expertise and areas of comfort. Adheres to rules and regulations as needed and applies cautious flexibility as necessary. Develops relationships with subordinates in a way that promotes a sense of equality among employees. Conducts work in a timely, organized, responsive, and supportive manner. Promotes a sense of humor and professionalism while maintaining open access to others.
Management and Leadership: Maintains a management style that promotes a positive atmosphere in departments and throughout the division. Actively invests in employees and works to encourage their continued development and promotion within the organization when possible. Has a strong leadership style that holds people
accountable yet encourages entrepreneurialism and creativity. Leverages the strengths among individuals to help accomplish a sense of comradery and accomplishment. Maintains an awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses and leads by example to promote development in areas where needed. Represents the division with fidelity and integrity through service on the Management Leadership Team, President’s Staff, and other shared-governance bodies within the institution. Promotes the development of front-line managers and directors to foster a culture of respect, clear expectations, support, value, and accountability, and celebrates successes widely in their departments. Leads through challenges by demonstrating an ability to take on tough issues while promoting a sense of togetherness and achievement. Processes decisions with transparency and openness, and helps others understand outcomes as they relate to a given area. Displays a willingness and initiative to be a part of the team and work products, and shows initiative, adaptability, and respect for the methods and approaches that will work best for MCC. Works to support employees’ independent ability to complete their work without providing excessive oversight.
Supporting a Diverse Division: Has the ability to provide leadership and oversight to a wide variety of departments and programs within the division. Serves as the primary resource for the college related to matters around the instructional program. Has experience in grants, grant management, and leveraging the institution through strategic grant programs. Recognizes the value of technological resources and infrastructure necessary to support the ongoing and emergent operations of the college. Seeks innovative ways to meet the goals and objectives of the administration and finance division while engaging a diverse cadre of employees on solutions that meet current needs.
Open Communication: Maintains an open-door policy. Listens to ideas and feedback with an interested, open, honest, and collaborative communication style to help individuals and the organization succeed. Helps to promote communication and collaboration among many different departments and instructional programs within the division. Models and encourages friendly and collegial interpersonal relationships with others that inspires collaboration and comradery between departments. Communicates respect for the contribution of each employee and his/her skillset and has a keen interest in promoting the development of all staff within the division. Encourages clear, concise, and timely communication with all employees. Creates an environment where differing opinions are welcome and works to promote solidarity and consensus where possible.

• Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university in a field relevant to the position and needs of the college.
• Demonstrated visionary leadership, supervision, management, decision making, time management, goal setting, and organizational skills and abilities.
• Full-time classroom teaching experience at the secondary or postsecondary level.
• Demonstrated leadership abilities in positions commensurate with the expectations of the chief academic officer.
• Experience supervising faculty and staff.
• Current knowledge and understanding of best practices and trends in instructional programs and community colleges.
• Superior written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to make public presentations.
• An interest in, dedication to, and history of successful community involvement and partnerships.
• Leadership skills focused around openness, consultation, team approach, and creative thinking.
• Strong commitment to the support of multicultural and diversity programming.
• Proficiency in MS Office.
• Ability to work occasional long and irregular hours necessitated by special projects, compliance with deadlines, length of institutional day and week and committee service.
• Ability to travel out of town as required.

• Doctorate degree from an accredited college or university in a field relevant to the position and needs of the college.
• Community college experience.
• Experience with Banner software.
• Experience with regional accreditation, the Higher Learning Commission, and program level accreditation.

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Job Location
920 Barlow Road, Fort Morgan, CO, 80701
Job Type
Employment Type
Date posted
March 8, 2023
Valid through
April 30, 2023
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Position: Vice President of Instruction

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