Position title
Vice President of Business Operations / Chief Financial Officer


The Vice President of Business Operations/Chief Financial Officer (VPBO/CFO) is the Chief Financial Officer and a senior executive on the leadership team reporting to the President.  The VPBO/CFO has broad responsibilities for strategic planning, enrollment management, developing and supporting personnel, and leadership for the administrative/business policies and functions of the College in support of student success. As chief accounting and reporting officer, this position assumes overall accountability and responsibility for the College’s financial, general accounting, contracts, purchasing, accounts payable and receivable, and funding operations. The VPBO/CFO establishes and updates the College’s financial policies and standards in accordance with Colorado Community College System policies and the policies of the State of Colorado Office of the Controller and other applicable state entities. The VPBO/CFO leads the planning, direction and administration of the College’s support services which include, but limited to, facilities planning and development, coordination with the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) business operations, physical plant management, institutional and instructional technology, as well as coordination with Colorado Community College System (CCCS) leadership. Within an environment valuing inclusivity at all levels of the College, the VPBO/CFO supports statewide and system-wide initiatives, implements/evaluates college-wide finance and administration policies and processes, and in consultation with faculty, staff, students, and Executive Staff, provides strategic and financial strategies to strengthen CCD facilities, specifically, the continued development and implementation of AHEC Campus Master Plan and CCD capital projects.


As a member of the Executive Staff, VPBO/CFO contributes to the overall innovation, strategic planning, and financial well-being of the College, developing financial plans and strategies to support and fulfill the College’s vision, mission, and values. The VPBO/CFO champions faculty/instructors and students through supporting innovation, removing barriers to success, and responding in a timely manner to a rapidly changing environment. The VPBO/CFO consults with members of the president’s cabinet to address internal and external matters that affect the attainment of the college’s goals and works collaboratively to ensure the college meets its goals. The VPBO/CFO is an effective communicator – both in storytelling and crisis communications, has political sensibility and relations, boundless compassion for those that we serve, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The VPBO/CFO monitors changes and trends in student enrollment, best practices, the labor market, and financial accountability and leads change to respond to such. The VPBO/CFO has a high degree of digital literacy and dexterity, collects, and analyzes data to inform decision making, and implements best practices to yield positive outcomes for our students, employees, and community. In collaboration with the Provost and the Executive Director of Strategy, the VPBO/CFO significantly contributes to the consistent review of the health of programs through financial viability and efficiency data and analysis. The VPBO/CFO interacts regularly with the Business Officers of other higher education institutions, especially on the Auraria campus, to support efficiency, a positive campus experience, and a successful transfer/co-enrollment environment. Additionally, the VPBO/CFO is responsible for collaborating and finalizing agreements with local school districts and private K-12 schools to promote concurrent enrollment opportunities that result in postsecondary credentials, as practicable, for students.



Duties and Responsibilities


Prepares the College budget and manages the budget development process at the college.


Assist the College President in presenting budgets to the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE) and other state agencies as required.


Provide oversight and leadership for the development and control of college-wide facilities, specifically existing shared facilities and the AHEC Campus Master Plan.


Reviews and analyzes major contractual obligations of the College to ensure consistency with overall financial goals, objectives, and plans, and compliance with College, System, and State financial policies, procedures and standards.


Provide accurate, timely financial information to appropriate internal and external agencies.


Establish and maintains an organizational structure and staffing to effectively accomplish the College’s organizational goals and objectives; and oversees recruitment, training, supervision, and evaluation of all administration and finance staff.


Initiate contracts, negotiates, develops collaborative agreements, and maintains relationships and partnerships established with business, external organizations, College constituency groups, AHEC, and system affiliations, especially Chief Business Officers within the CCCS.


Develop, implement, and enforce administrative policies and procedures to assure that the College fiscal, facilities, personnel, and related activities are in compliance with State of Colorado Statutes, State of Colorado Fiscal rules, generally accepted accounting and financial practices, and federal laws or regulations where applicable.


Prepare for, respond to, and implement internal and external audit recommendations as necessary.


Oversee the functions of Fiscal Services, Information Technology, and Facility Services.  Responsibilities include delegated appointing authority for the College.


Monitor and guide the fiscal year-end closing process, which includes preparation of annual financial statements.


Approve and implement best business practices related to all student financial transactions, such as tuition collections, student refunds, and auxiliary functions.


Assume other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President of the College.

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855 Lawrence Parkway, Denver, CO, 80204
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$150,000.00-$158,000.00 Per year
Date posted
September 13, 2023
Valid through
November 13, 2023
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Position: Vice President of Business Operations / Chief Financial Officer

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